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Pest Inspection for VA and FHA Loans

About Real Estate Pest Inspections

Overview of Pest Inspections for VA and FHA Loans

A thorough real estate pest inspection is crucial for both home buyers and sellers, as it serves as a proactive measure to identify and address potential issues related to wood-destroying pests such as termites and carpenter ants.

For buyers, such inspections provide peace of mind by revealing any existing pest infestations or damage, allowing them to make informed decisions about their investment. Knowing the extent of pest-related issues upfront enables buyers to negotiate repairs or pricing adjustments with sellers, ensuring a fair and transparent transaction.

On the seller’s side, a pre-listing pest inspection can enhance the marketability of the property. Addressing and rectifying pest concerns before listing can help avoid last-minute complications, expedite the selling process, and contribute to a positive perception of the property’s condition. Ultimately, investing in a real estate pest inspection is a prudent step that safeguards the interests of both parties, fostering a smoother and more trustworthy real estate transaction. Give us a call today to help with yours!

Real Estate Pest Control Inspection

Pest Inspection for VA and FHA Loan Program

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Real Estate Pest Inspections - Residential and Commercial
  • Inspect Damage: Includes a thorough inspection of visual evidence of carpenter ant frass, pest entry holes, and other signs of damage. Technicians may probe wood supports to test for termite galleries.
  • Documentation of Insects Found: Describes all sightings of live wood destroying insects, carcasses, cast-off skins, discarded wings, droppings, termite mud tubes, and any other evidence.
  • Highlight Signs of Past Treatment: List of signs of previous treatment methods such as bait traps, drilled holes, and additional indications of previous pest control treatments discovered on the property.
  • Call Out Vulnerable Areas: We will record findings of moisture, areas with improper drainage, and points of contact between the soil and wood or foam insulation.
  • List Recommendations: Give you our advice on treatment to combat current wood destroying insect issues or prevent future problems.

5 Reasons A Pest Inspection Is Crucial In The Home Buying Process

Hiring a professional is crucial to make sure the home you plan on buying hasn't been or currently isn't experiencing structural damage.

Early Detection

A pest inspection uncovers hidden wood-destroying pest issues early, preventing future structural damage.

Negotiation Power

Armed with a detailed report, buyers can negotiate repairs or price adjustments, ensuring a fair deal.

Investment Protection

It acts as a protective measure, offering insights into the property's long-term integrity and protecting the overall investment.

Financial Security

Investing in a pest inspection provides insurance against potential future costs related to pest-related damage.

Peace of Mind

Knowing the property's pest-free condition fosters confidence and peace of mind for buyers.


When seeing pests, find out where they are getting in or give us a call!


Fixing entry method points so pests can no longer have access into your home or business.


By always being proactive of what attracts pests and keeping a clean environment.

Enjoy Your Home Totally Pest Free

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